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We take a lean collaborative approach to develop your custom solution.

Enterprise eCommerce

A great shopping experience includes a number of factors from architecture to content.  Today’s consumers demand more.  Good UX, design, content and performance can all impact sales.  Let us use our eCommerce expertise to deliver a great shopping experience for your customers.

We have extensive experience with Magento Enterprise including design, theming, custom extensions, 3rd party integrations and fulfillment.  We know the ecosystem well and what it takes to deliver a great shopping experience.

Performance in Magento is a big concern for larger sites.  Each additional second of load time means a significant loss of sales.  We can help you speed up your existing store.  Adding advanced caching with Redis, fast search with Elasticsearch / Solr, CDNs, and upgrading your servers can significantly improve the page load time.  We can evaluate and profile the slowest parts of the code and determine what should be rewritten and which installed modules should be replaced or upgraded.

We are also a Shopify partner and can deliver full eCommerce sites and custom Shopify apps using their API.  Shopify and Magento Community are great options for small and mid-sized businesses looking to develop or extend their online commerce.

Web Applications

We love creating custom web applications. From UX to technical architecture there are numerous ways to design a great experience. We aim to deliver performance, maintainability and agility for the sites and SaaS platforms that we build.

RESTful APIs are an important part of the application building process for many clients. We have experience creating custom APIs as well as integrating with Existing APIs.

Cloud & Automation

The cloud and containers are eating the enterprise.  We are constantly staying on the forefront of new technologies to scale and leverage the cloud.  Our new deployments are containerized with Docker.

We can also containerize and move legacy apps to the cloud.  Take advantage of the latest technologies and breathe new life into legacy apps by letting us modernize and containerize your legacy systems.

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